If you attended events like the Arnold or the Olympia, Or perhaps you have seen a few guys or gals attempting the “Strict Curl” on YouTube or something. you may have witnessed impressive displays of strength from both men and women executing the Strict Curl.

The popularity of this lift can be attributed to C.T Fletcher, also known as The GodFather of Strict Curl, who first made it famous over three decades ago.Although the Strict Curl had lost popularity for some time, it regained momentum in 2008 when the "100% Raw" powerlifting federation reintroduced the event.

This lift is no ordinary exercise, as it requires participants to demonstrate their arm strength, grip, and core stability.Those who participate in the Strict Curl must maintain a strict posture against a wall or a platform while lifting the maximum weight possible, without relying on momentum for any swaying motion.

This is achieved through a combination of a robust grip, strong arms, back, legs, and core, all working together to keep their forearms tightened. The Strict Curl serves as a testament to the incredible strength and skill of powerlifters who continue to push the boundaries of what the human body can achieve.

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Carl Wesley is a rising star in the world of strict curl lifting, having competed in five sanctioned meets around the world in less than a year. With an impressive track record of competing in four different federations and in states such as California, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia, and Austin, Texas, Carl has proven himself to be a highly versatile athlete with a drive to succeed.In his short time in the sport, Carl has already achieved remarkable success, winning two state titles and setting one national record.

His passion for strict curl lifting was sparked after his first competition at C.T Fletcher's Iron Addicts Gym on May 28th, 2022, and he quickly fell in love with the sport.Not content to simply compete, Carl also founded his own community-promotional company, Strict Curl Everything.

His goal is to increase the visibility and recognition of strict curl lifting as a legitimate fourth powerlifting lift, and to showcase and celebrate the incredible athletes who participate in the sport.With no plans of slowing down, Carl Wesley is a name to watch in the world of strict curl lifting, and his dedication and passion for the sport are sure to take him far in his athletic journey.

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