So this is how it goes..

Online training is $100 per month and that consists of me being your fitness counselor, mentor and coach pretty much around the clock 6am-8pm

I will provide you with detailed instructions w/demonstrated instructional videos on what you need to do daily. I will provide you with at least 3 full days of training and 2 strictly cardio days “usually”.

Training will be done via my training app that you would download.

You would have to tell me what you have access to as far as workout equipment goes so I can create your workouts.

Your month will start as soon as your first workout is scheduled.

You will also be able to upload progress photos, see comparisons, chart your weight and workouts etc..all viewable to just me and you.

Online Training



1. Will you be watching me exercise like a video chat or something? NO

2. With the virtual how will you know if I’m doing the positions correctly? Some of my clients sends me videos of them performing the exercises. You can do the same.

You will have a video demonstration video to follow however no I won’t be looking at you while your performing the exercise unless you submit a video.

The worse case scenario is that you didn’t do it 100% correct the first time but by the 2nd go round it will be corrected and perfected.

3. How would you know if I did they workout or not? Oh I will know 😇