(Frequent ask questions)

1. Is a meal plan included in the price for training?

No, If you are interested in a customized meal plan make sure you contact Steve Ray @ (409) 293-1109

2. Do you offer 1 on 1 training?

Yes, but it is 3x’s the price listed.

3. Is there anyway that I could train with you one on one without paying 3x’s the small group rate?

Yes, if you schedule your training session when nobody else is scheduled to train.

4. Are you certified and how long have you been training?

Yes of course, I’ve been training professionally since 2013.

5. Do you train kids?

Yes, since all kids mature different I don’t want to put a age to it but as long as your kid is old enough to follow instructions we can work.

6. Do you train people with physical limitations such as amputations?

Yes, The only limitations we have are those in our minds.

7. Are they are age limits? How old was your oldest client?

No, 77 years young.

8. I can’t do what I see people doing in your videos, Are you going to make me do a bunch of crazy stuff?

I don’t train everyone the same. No worries. Nobody has ever died on me 🙄