Mutual understanding and respect

Because mutual understanding is the basis for good relationships, it is important for you to understand the nature of our gym policies related to appointments and how we run our business. These are detailed below.


Payments are due before or on the start of your training day.


Payments are due on the same day each month. For example, if you start on Friday Jan 5th your next payment is due Feb 5th.


If you chose to pay Bi-Weekly, your payments will be due every two weeks from the start date.


If you would like a different payment date, please discuss this with your trainer.


If your payment is not paid in full by your next scheduled appointment, you CANNOT train until your payment is made in full.


If you are planning to go on a vacation or if you have any plans that will cause you to miss training, please notify your trainer know as far in advance as possible so he can rearrange your normal scheduling days. (Payment day remains the same).


If you need to reschedule your training day or times, please give your trainer a 12hr advance notice. Unless approved by your trainer, your training session will be counted as a missed session.


If you or your child/children become sick, if you happen to experience car trouble, or any other emergency; YOU are responsible for rescheduling your make up day. You will be excused with no consequence only once. (Payment day remains the same).


If your appointed training time is 1:00pm and you show up at 1:15pm, your training will only last 45mins. Your scheduled start and finish time does not change.


In the event that you oversleep or forget that you had a training session; You understand that you will NOT be refunded for that training session, it will count as a lost training session.


If you arrive 30+ minutes late, your training session will be canceled (Unless spoken to trainer).


Your missed training sessions are nontransferable or refundable.


In the case that one of our trainers cannot make it to a session, we will provide you with the same respect as we ask of you. You will not be held accountable and we will either credit you for your session or allow you to reschedule. (It’s up to you and your trainer).


X__________________________understands the following.


Cancellation upon death or disability: The buyer may cancel this agreement if the buyer dies or becomes physically unable to avail himself or herself of a substantial portion of those services which he or she used from the commencement of the agreement until the time of disability, with refund of funds paid or accepted in payment of the agreement in an amount computed by dividing the agreement price by the number of weeks in the agreement term and multiplying the result by the number of weeks remaining in the agreement term. The buyer or the buyer's estate seeking relief under this paragraph shall provide proof of disability or death. A physical disability sufficient to warrant cancellation of the agreement by the buyer shall be established if the buyer furnishes to the health studio a certification of such disability by a physician licensed under <reference your state’s specific chapters that reference this> to the extent the diagnosis or treatment of the disability is within the physician's scope of practice. A refund shall be issued within 30 days after receipt of the notice of cancellation made pursuant to this paragraph. Other Cancellation Provisions: If this location goes out of business, or moves its facilities more than 5 driving miles from the business location designated in such agreement and fails to provide, within 30 days, a facility of equal quality located within 5 driving miles of the business location designated in such agreement at no additional cost to the buyer, you may cancel this agreement and receive a complete refund of all dues paid for future services within 30 days after receipt of the notice of cancellation. Notice of intent to cancel by the buyer shall be given in writing to the health studio. Such a notice of cancellation from the consumer shall also terminate automatically the consumer's obligation to any entity to whom the health studio has subrogated or assigned the consumer's agreement. The business location of a health studio shall not be deemed out of business when temporarily closed for repair and renovation of the premises: Upon sale, for not more than 14 consecutive days; or during ownership, for not more than 7 consecutive days and not more than two periods of 7 consecutive days in any calendar year. The initial agreement will not be for a period in excess of 36 months and thereafter shall only be renewable annually. Such renewal agreements may not be executed and the fee therefore paid until 60 days or less before the preceding agreement expires. The buyer should contact the <your state department that handles this> within 60 days should Chiselers Personal Training go out of business. NOTICE OF CANCELLATION: Any notice of intent to cancel or termination by client under any provision of this agreement must be delivered in person to Chiselers Personal Training.


​ ​ ​Client’s Initials ______


Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release of Liability, and Miscellaneous Provisions


In consideration of the permission to use the facilities, equipment, services, premises, and products provided at Chiselers Personal Training (hereafter Chiselers) today, and at any time in the future, I understand and agree to all of the following:

Assumption of Risk: I understand that any physical activity carries with it an inherent risk of injury. Strength training can involve strenuous exertions of various muscles placing stress on the muscles, bones, and joints. Cardiovascular training can involve sustained physical activity placing stress on the heart, arteries, and blood pressure. Risk of injury may be minor such as soreness, sprains, strains, and bruises, or serious such as heart attack, stroke, paralysis, and death. I understand these risks and agree to assume all risk of injury or illness associated with exercise whatever the cause.

Waiver and Release of Liability: I voluntarily and knowingly agree on behalf of myself, my spouse, my heirs, personal representative, assigns, and anyone else claiming by or through me to release, waive, and discharge Chiselers its directors, officers, owners, employees, volunteers, independent contractors, agents, assigns, successors, vendors, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, lessors, consultants, other clients, and all others associated with them (collectively “all others”) from all liability from any and all claims, demands, or suits arising from the acts, failure to act, or conduct of any of them arising from their negligence (whether ordinary or gross), breach of duty, or any other theory of legal liability for (1) any physical or emotional injury or illness suffered by me (including death) arising from my attending Chiselers or using its equipment, facilities, services, products, and/or premises; and (2) any damage to, loss of, or theft of my property.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless: I agree on behalf of myself, my spouse, my heirs, personal representative, assigns, and anyone else claiming by or through me to indemnify and hold harmless Chiselers and all others by paying all costs and attorneys’ fees they incur in investigating and defending a claim or suit if such claim or suit is withdrawn, or if a court determines for whatever reason (including the enforceability of this agreement, that Chiselers and or others are not liable for the injury or loss.

Denied Payment Charges: If my payment is denied for any reason, I agree to pay a $25.00 service charge plus the amount of the denied payment within 5 days. I agree to pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs.

Consent to Physical Contact: It is sometimes necessary for a trainer to physically touch a client to attain the proper form for an exercise. I hereby consent to such appropriate physical contact.

Entire Agreement: Pages 1 and 2 constitute the entire agreement. I have not relied on any oral representations by anyone in addition to, or inconsistent with, the written terms of this agreement.

Client’s Initials ______








Credit Card Authorization Form



Email address: _________________________________



Phone (_________)___________________________



Address_______________________,_________________, ______________, _____________,________________

(Street) (City) (Apt/Suite) (State) (Zip code)


Card Type:


Card Holders Name (Shown on card) ___________________________________


Card Number_______-_________-________-_________


Expiration Date (_______/_______)


CVV (3-Digit code on back of the card) _______________________


Cardholder ZIP Code (from credit card billing address) _________________


Birthday: _____/______/_______




I, ​, authorize Chiselers Personal Training to charge my credit card above for agreed upon purchases. I understand that my information will be saved to file for future transactions on my account.






Customer Signature​Date