About Me

Meet Carl Wesley, a 37-year-old Renaissance man born and raised in Houston, Texas. Carl is a Fitness Coach, entrepreneur, professional bodybuilder, competitive powerlifter, philanthropist, actor, movie director, visual artist, and fitness guru.

Despite his polished exterior, Carl's journey towards success has been anything but easy. He has faced countless obstacles along the way, including Chronic Tension Headaches, Arthritis in the neck, scoliosis, torn ligaments in the shoulder, degenerative disc disease, heart disease, and clinically diagnosed Anxiety & Depression, to name a few. However, his unrelenting determination to achieve his goals is as impressive as it is inspiring. Through his everyday struggles, Carl has found his purpose in helping sculpt the bodies and minds of many Americans.

Carl has received his collegiate education from reputable institutions like Prairie View A&M and Lone Star College, and has taken courses at Ivy League universities such as Yale, Rice, and the University of Pennsylvania. Currently, he is pursuing a psychology degree at Columbia Southern University. His heart of gold, coupled with his unwavering desire to succeed, has propelled him to great heights.

Despite facing constant physical pain, Carl remains committed to helping others achieve their fitness goals and creating and sustaining a healthy and fit mind for success, not solely in the gym but in life.